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Bed Bug Control

Good night,
Sleep tight

Often mistaken for flea bites, waking up with itchy red bites is often a sign of bed bugs.

These tiny pests easily make their homes in mattresses, box springs and other furniture. These blood sucking pests are difficult to spot due to their size and nocturnal habits. If you suspect that you may have bed bugs, we’ll come to your residence or office for a free inspection. Following our free inspection, Platinum will provide you with a customized bed bug treatment plan to meet your specific needs. Platinum Pest Solutions is proud to offer a Residential 90-day Bed Bug-Free Guarantee and a Commercial 30-day Bed Bug-Free Guarantee. Once Platinum has determined that your home or office is clear, we’ll guarantee that you’ll be bed bug free during that time. If they return, so will we.

You’ll sleep easier knowing that Platinum won’t let the bed bugs bite.

If they come back, so will we.
Our Team creates tailored solutions to eliminate the frustration of infestation.
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