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Tom S

My wife and I were very pleased--and impressed--by your canine detection service at our apartment yesterday. We very much appreciated the thoroughness of your dogs search for signs of bed bugs, and we are very confident in your giving our home a clean bill of health. We enjoyed meeting everyone on your staff, and we learned a lot from all your patient explanations. We also appreciated your whole staff's good humor--including Lincoln's and Spark's. Thank you for your fine service!


I am a new Client to Platinum Pest Solutions. I discovered on 04/21/17 that I had bedbugs. After wasting about a week with another Pest Control Company trying to find out when they could service me. I decided to look for another Company because I wanted a company I felt would be concerned about helping me get this issue resolved. That following Saturday, I went online and found a different company but couldn't obtain their service due to not being in their service area BUT they referred me to Platinum Pest Solutions. It was Saturday but I called anyway hoping I could get in touch with someone that give me some emergency service. I called and got their answering service who took my information and stated someone would call me back in 15 minutes. YES!! Deandre Wilson the Sales Rep. called me and he was sooo helpful in helping to calm my Worries about the situation, gave me some insight on what I would needed to do and just kept reassuring me as I asked him a boat load of questions. I told him I needed someone to come out that Monday as I was already scheduled to be off as I was thinking I would be utilizing the other company. He told me he would try and he did. And Special Thanks to Jackie for helping to get me scheduled. I was able to have the inspection done Monday and Tuesday the Treatment - I was sooo relieved. I just wished they offered weekend service - that would be such an added bonus to the Excellent Service they provide The young man who lead my Treatment, his name was Ozzie and he was soooo professional, thorough and reassuring. I really appreciated his tenacity in working hard to help rid me of the unwanted critters. I felt like he really cared I truly appreciate the Service I have received thus far from Platinum Pest Solutions and I plan on continuing to utilize their service.


Platinum Pest Solutions won me over! The first time I tried to contact them, using the form on their website, I never got a response. When I called about a week later, I explained to the answering service what had happened. She apologized and took all my information. That same night, after hours, I got a call from the owner! He apologized too and said they would definitely contact me the next day so I could schedule service. He said they are growing quickly, and he recognized that they can't let growth impact customer service. The next day I learned they had had a staff meeting to discuss the problem and figure out a solution.


We received a wonderful call from a very pleased tenant. Jennifer is a tenant at The Meadows unit 612. She stated that Tony and Joe did an awesome job! They answered all of her questions, accurately performed extra tasks she requested and worked very well with her children. This lady was so pleased with our guys that she made me smile the entire conversation. Let's keep this going!!!!