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What is biting me?

What is biting me?

October 7, 2021

If only we could put a name to what bit us! The best way to determine what is munching on us is to find the bug responsible. This sounds easy enough, but the reality is not so much. If you can see fleas on your pet or spot them as they jump around, then maybe it’s fleas. Or maybe mosquitos? You know they’re out there. You’ve spent too many warm nights forgetting the bug spray and slapping your legs instead. So, mosquitos?  But what about bed bugs? These guys have mastered the art of staying off the radar, hiding, and then sneaking in to feed while we sleep. But who knows for sure? What bug is biting?

It’s true that bed bugs may bite in a particular pattern, in clusters or in a line. But that is not always accurate. Maybe sometimes, but not all the time. What do you know about bed bugs? When they bite, they inject an anticoagulant along with their saliva when they pierce the skin to eat. This is what really causes the reaction to their bite. The itching and small red welt is an allergic reaction to the anticoagulant and depending on your body chemistry it may not affect you at all. Or it may affect you a lot.

Which is it? Bed bugs? Mosquitos? Fleas? Each one has their own unique indicators outside of the actual reaction to the bite. If it is fleas, check your pets for the actual flea or for “Flea Dirt”—the small black flakes found in the fur or under the fur on the skin. Then talk to your veterinarian about what you can do to help rid your four-legged friend and yourself of them. Call a pest control company (hint, hint) and inquire about getting your house treated for fleas.

Mosquitos? Now that’s an easy fix. There is no doubt they’re out there in the spring, summer, and beautiful fall. Make sure you remove any standing water outside, move potted plants indoors, grow insect-repellant plants, call your local Pest Control Company (Platinum Pest Solutions comes to mind) and ask about Mosquito Services.

Bed bugs? Check your bedding every morning. Look for small black dots and bed bug castings along the seams of your mattress. Bed bugs may be able to physically hide but they always leave us clues to their presence. If you aren’t sure of what you are seeing, then call Platinum Pest Solutions for a K9 Bed Bug Inspection. The dogs can tell us where they’re hiding, and the technicians can tell you if what you think are bed bug indications are indeed bed bugs.

Which bug it? While we can’t say 100% for sure what is biting you, we can say that your physician should be able to help ease the itching. Since each bug has its own special way of telling us that they are in your home, seek out a professional to help identify the signs. When in doubt, call Platinum Pest Solutions. We’ll chat about our services and how we can help to eliminate whatever bug is biting you.


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