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Mosquito Control


Don’t stay inside because of annoying mosquitoes that buzz, bite and may carry diseases. Enjoy the precious few months that you are able to be outside.

We protect your garden, deck or pool area so that you can enjoy it from spring to autumn. Our most popular “Platinum Seasonal Mosquito Control” package is an environmentally, child and pet friendly monthly service that will ensure you can once again enjoy your non-winter months outside. You’ll even feel safe enough to leave your windows open!

Since mosquito breeding season begins when the temperature reaches 50 degrees, we recommend scheduling your free inspection in early May.

We hope to be your partner for a mosquito-free season full of fun! Guaranteed.

If they come back so will we.
Our Team creates tailored solutions to eliminate the frustration of infestation.
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Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is your shield of protection.