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In Chicago, a rat infestation that was not properly addressed by senior management resulted in felony charges and restitution of $8.2 million dollars, due to frozen food contamination. We think that you have better ways to spend your money.

Your customers expect you to store and ship quality products, and a pest problem can compromise your ability to do so. An infestation can destroy your packing materials, leading to product contamination, and cause unsanitary conditions for your employees. A pest issue can put both your customers and your brand at risk.

Our team is highly experienced in complying with the needs of third party audited facilities and customizing plans to meet your needs. We are experienced in GMP and are fully knowledgeable on GFSI and FSMA standards.

After a free evaluation, we will work with you to outline a strategy for a resolution and create an action plan to prevent future issues using our Integrated Pest Management solutions. Guaranteed.

Our IPM partnership includes:

  • 24 hour on-call designated Account Specialist

  • Detailed Digital Treatment and Inspection Logs

  • Flexible Scheduling for Convenient Scheduling and Reminders

  • A Customized Client Portal for access to all relevant records and reports

  • Scheduled audits to maintain consistent pest management from consistent deliveries

  • Seasonal audits to address pest entry points that may become compromised during weather

A wide range
Of pest expertise

Our experts have the knowledge and experience to be the solution to each and every one of these pests and more. Select a pest to learn more about our approach.

Your technician Phil Vanheest was great and a breath of fresh air. He was very thorough. Thank you for accommodating us so quickly. He put myself and the resident at ease. Again, thank you.


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